Welcome to the Community Documents page where you can find all the important documents that govern the Homeowner’s Association of Ventura Bay.

Leland Management (where the governing documents are housed): http://www.lelandmanagement.com

Property Manager: John Calcagni

727-288-9976 direct

727-474-8350 fax

e-mail: jcalcagni@lelandmanagement.com

Architectural Review Committee:

Rules & Regulations:  This is an on-going working document.  Owners and residents will be advised of any changes to these Rules and Regulations here on the website.

VenturaBayArchitecturalGuidelinesAndRules 3-28-12

ARC Application: This is for homeowners who wish to make changes to their homes that are outside the scope of the ARB Guidelines and current Rules and Regulations.  YOu are required to submit an application to the ARC for approval before making such changes in order to prevent being cited for a violation of the community’s rules and regulations.

ARC application